You are stuck in an endless cycle of defeating your past selves, in an attempt to be the only one left standing.

One room, one self. Become trapped in a bullet hell of your own creation.


WASD to move, mouse/click to shoot. Turn your past selves to ghosts before the timer runs out by shooting them one by one. Your movements are recorded, and your laser shots will become projectiles next round.


  • Coding by Theo Hamilton (Twitter)
  • Mouse Art and Sound Effects by Charles Seddon
  • Music by Tommy Birt


Windows Download 23 MB


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Great concept, music and ideas!  Fits the theme! Keep up the good work!


Great game!!! Loved the concet, the art, the music, and most importantly the gamplay!!


Excellent take on the past selves idea! Very well executed too


Really good! Simple but smart concept, executed quite well. I like how the difficulty curve is very natural, and the mechanic of extending the loop's time both forwards and backwards after each iteration is brilliant. The best strategy is to create a conga line of clones that execute each other, but the most fun strategy is to run around and shoot everything and dodge everything you shot :D


I love this. It's such a good idea, and it's so much fun to play. Giving 5/5 though would have liked more juice.

God same, it's really lacking in some proper screenshake.


I like this one.