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That was a funny experience, I liked it a lot. I swear though, I thought I was gonna get jumpscared while going down that dark hall. Overall, I say about 4 stars

nice game i tryed to loop the game to see if there any secrets but nah no secrets bur thats not bad the game still good thanks for this good game good bye




*aDdS a dOg in thE tEa*

Hopefully it was one of those water soluble breeds.


haha! so cool game


mmm yes, a quality game here, folks! 

10/10 I love it :D

really cool game, i loved it. Played it like 3 times to see if there will be something different but its just a never ending cycle LOL

the alamy stock photo wood texture was a very nice touch <3 i love the art style too it's very cute


this is the best game i have played in 5000 years

I thought this was a horror game LOL! It did get quite unsettling but overall the ending is funny. 

Love a good spot o' Ginseng every now and again I tell you. Very good sir!

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You are supposed to pre-heat the teacup by pouring boiling water in and dumping it. Also you need to let the tea brew. What you call "tea" is not tea at all!!! That's the real horror!!!!!

Edit: This is very obviously a joke -_-


Subtitles: Drinking sounds


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I love how this game is so surreal and vaguely upsetting, but never overtly scary or "horrific." Great little game! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Nice experience, I felt relaxed, confused and scared at the same time haha
I totally agree that dogs are sweet <3


*casually puts dog in tea as sugar*



Yall been putting milk in ya tea? Now Ima have to go try it. Funny game , wish I recorded playing it. Twisted my expectation everytime I thought I had it figured out lol

I have learned so much!


I love this game. <3


This is the most weirdest game ever played,but it was fun. I will show my friends this game. Would play this again!!! 🤣🤣🤣


this game gets more cursed i guess




I didn't prepare for the weird bit- but overall this is awesome. 12/10 would make it again


This is the best game i've played in 5000 years

Thank you for teaching me how to make a cup of tea. I will always remember to put a dog in it! XDD

Buen trabajo! al fin aprendi a hacer una taza de te!



Honestly I found the funky lil men more cute than scary. But the slowly changing environment was eerie, the long room with photo textures, etc., very nice! Also... I sobbed a little when I had to put the silly little dog in the tea LMAO

Creí que en cualquier momento me iba a saltar algo en la cara D:

this was a great game I loved it was both funny but scary!

hahaha this was funny game

Новый Ролик!


lol The second and third cups were pretty amusing.

the amount of emotions i felt while playing this game was amazing

10 / 10 experience

ok this game is actually good

Odd and funny for me. My girlfriend was kinda scared that a jumpscare would come up. Now I know how to make a cup of tea, thanks guys!

I actually loved this. The odd graphics really add to the feel, actually, and the music sets a great tone. The build up of suspense and surrealism towards that ending was perfect. Great job!

The game was really good, for an instant I thought I was gonna die, but I'm ok, great job!

wont load


looks like you've got malware...

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